Sonnet: Asphodel

Author’s Note: This poem is one of three written for the birthday of my friend D.R. who is herself a consummate poet and despite whose protestations I continue to maintain the poem is insufficient tribute. The symbol invoked in the poem is that of the white asphodel (Asphodelus albus).

Loquitur: As though you were an Asphodel

Asphodelus radiant, jewelled of morning’s dew
Heart’s delight, glory of the emperor’s maidān
Asphodelus bright, for whose glories the nightingales sue
Soul’s repose, oasis-saray of a wandering caravan

There is a quiet in your eyes, but a fire in your heart
Asphodelus radiant, enamored of morning’s light
What wingéd yearning moves thy placid spirit, sets apart —
Thy being radiant of tesselate hue, asphodelus bright

Drink deep of Jamshid’s cup and glory
Forever bloom, lucicrescent heart of the maidān
And when you have drunk of that saki, brook no worry
Flourish long, as long as God’s bounties run

Flourish long, as bountiful as the world’s endless breath
Radiant asphodel, jewelled as of morning’s dew


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